Stories by Sarah

Heart Of Stone

The queen was lost in thought as she looked at the stone sculpture of the little girl. She seemed so real, so lifelike. It was eerie to behold. She pondered the situation, looking again at the statue before turning to face him.

The dragon pleaded with her, not to end his life. Beseeching her mercy. Eyes downward she considered his request and sadly shook her head. Though only a baby he possessed great powers and had been unable to control them. The consequences had been devastating. Kneeling down and taking his clawed feet gently in her hands, she promised to make it quick and painless.

The dragon looked up at her and knew she would keep her word. He flattened his wings against his body and waited without fear. She held up a mirror, stroking his head so that when he looked up and met his own eyes, he was instantly turned to stone.

Tears slipped down the queen’s cheeks as she moved him next to the others. A gallery of stone statues, once family and friends, stretched down the hallway – joined now by the beloved pet who put them there.

Only she remained, with her heart of stone.


By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Daily Post Daily Prompt – mercy; and also, Sunday Photo Fiction – July 2nd 2017, Word count: 200


21 thoughts on “Heart Of Stone”

    1. Agreed. Thank you for reading and stopping by 😊 this prompt was heart wrenching for me…something about the sad way the dragon was looking up at her reminded me of when my own pet was sick, almost begging me to put him out of his pain 😢


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