Haibun, Poetry by Sarah

Truth Fairy

on wings of whimsy
and magic, the fairy turns
ancient bone to gold

I lay in bed, barely able to contain my excitement. I squeezed my eyes shut, willing myself to sleep so that she may come! I pictured in my mind, a delicate pixie; fine-boned with pointed face. Her eyes would glitter with mischief and delight as she paid her clandestine visit. She wore cloth spun with gold thread and grew tiny gypsophila flowers in her hair.  I wondered if she brought with her a tiny pouch lined with velvet to carry away the old and leave her gift of gold.  I dreamed of all the ways I would spend my treasure. I heard the door open and pretended to be asleep. I squinted one eye to reveal a sliver; a glimpse of her true being. But what I saw instead was a monster. It was my mother’s hand reaching for the tooth and slipping a coin in its place.

magic has dissolved
as fairy wings turned to dust
the truth now exposed

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge, #35 fairy & magic

8 thoughts on “Truth Fairy”

  1. Oh, how our childhood dreams can be shattered.
    My niece thought she’s be clever and left several puppy teeth under her pillow hoping to con the tooth fairy. She didn’t, as her reward was half a dozen dog biscuits! (Good one Sis)

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  2. Oh my gosh! That’s a classic. I’m not sure what I love more – the niece being so savvy or your sister’s humour!!! I held on to my beliefs way longer than I’d care to admit. As the eldest of six children, my hand was forced in a way…and my mum used to say “If you don’t believe, you don’t receive”

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    1. Thank you! 😊 I remember how devastated I was finding out the truth about Santa, Easter bunny etc…as you said, cruelly shattering and really starts the end of childhood innocence

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