Haiku / Senryu, Poetry by Sarah

Skin Deep

Trigger warning – graphic content, sensitive topic (self-harm)

the darkness of blood 
surprised her as she realised
she had cut too deep

By Sarah ©2017

Prompt: Ronovan Writes, weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge, #154 darkness & deep


3 thoughts on “Skin Deep”

  1. Self-harm is definitely a sensitive topic. Many don’t realized the psychology behind it and how prevalent it is, especially among teens. That image is a shocking reality for some. My daughter is a survivor and still has the scars on her arm. She’s think of getting a sleeve tattoo to cover them. Plastic surgery too expensive. She’s doing wonderfully well now as a young adult.

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    1. Definitely a sensitive topic, which is why I though it was important for the trigger warning – apologies if this brought up painful memories for you 😢 I wanted to write a piece illustrating how self-harm isn’t always linked to wanting to die – that cutting too deep is often unintentional. I worked for some time in community services with young girls who self-harmed and while certainly not the same as having a family member go through it, was given insight into their pain. Many don’t understand the psychology of it, as you said and it’s more common than people realise . I’m so glad your daughter is doing better and survived through it – just wonderful to hear. One girl I know also got a tattoo to cover her scars and is really happy with it. No longer a reminder but a victory badge having over come it.

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