Photos by Sarah, Scribblings by Sarah

The River Gang

Brassy sunlight streams through the trees. The trail is bracing and I can see my breath stretching in front of me, as if leading the way.

I bask in the sounds of nature and listen to the early morning bird song as I walk. Magpies mainly. They are warbling and gargling their happy tunes. It lifts my heart.

I round a bend in the track and I catch myself thinking how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful part of Australia. Rural enough to have a bush walk on my doorstep any day I please, but country town enough to not want for anything.

I cross the swing bridge and stare into the almost perfect mirror image reflected by the still waters of the Ovens River. The calm, glass-like water soothing my busy mind.

About a kilometre into the walk, is the rail bridge. Every time I do this walk it is always striking – a juxtaposition of steel and technology against the backdrop of green gum trees. Pylons plunging their fingers into the muddy water below. Its red metal skin screaming, “Look at me”. And I do. Every time. It draws my eye and distracts me from the nature I’ve come to see.

Today, for the first time, I notice some graffiti. Someone has spray painted RIVER GANG along the side of one of the girders. I feel curious about who they might be. Who is the ‘river gang’ ? What’s their purpose? Why did they feel it necessary to declare their presence in this otherwise, tranquil, isolated place?

As I draw closer, I see more graffiti, scribbling and scrawling, demanding a reaction. I could feel sad. I could become enraged about this blemish on our trail. However, I find it ironic that despite their attempted destruction, I can still find the beauty.

By Sarah ©2017

Images courtesy of By Sarah ©

Prompt: Daily Post Daily Prompt, Word: brassy; and also, Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie, Saturday’s Mix 3rd June 2017


13 thoughts on “The River Gang”

  1. Lovely and soothing story here – I was totally captivated by the images, and the sense of the mysterious, as if I was walking alongside of you – and yes, what a juxtaposition of steel and the wild – certainly makes for a bold statement, and definitely, the sun has a brassy colour and heat. And you’re quite right – how curious the statement “the river gang” – definitely would have me wondering as well – I mean, this almost has a “Stand by Me” (the book/story by Stephen King) quality to it – somehow slightly dark and threatening, but not quite “right there” …. pity about the extra graffiti – I think it would have far more impact with just the rail girder message …. curious how people have to leave a mark, almost always, in some way.

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    1. That’s exactly what I thought of when I saw the ‘river gang’ tag. Made me relate to a group of four boys, just like in stand by me!! I too, am mystified by graffiti. It must be a compulsion to be ‘known’ even after you have left the place. Me, I like to leave my footprints and nothing more

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      1. It certainly has that the particular haunting quality about the place, so yup, I have to say, it does remind me of the movie|book too. Graffiti can be interesting – sometimes it is truly artistic, even if it hasn’t been commissioned, but then, there is just the odd stuff that makes no sense, other than to those who executed it. Personally, like you, I’d rather leave no footprints, or the minimal, or create something that has a lasting impression, but was asked for (I used to create gardens etc. and arrangements|plantings etc., which, I suppose, is a type of footprint) – but to just randomly walk about and leave something behind isn’t my thing.

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