Scribblings by Sarah

The Ur

I recall a time when my brother and I had to share a room. We’d stay up late into the night whispering stories of nothing and everything to each other. The darkness made funny, threatening shapes out of the furniture. And under the bed, was where The Ur lived.

I don’t know where he’d come from, or why, he was just THERE one day. I had never seen him but he was there under our beds. Waiting for one of us to step down onto the floor so he could grab at our ankles and pull us down into his imaginary world where we did not know what we would become…and we did not want to find out! Maybe he would eat us…keep us as pets…or maybe we’d become nothing.

We were always very careful not to put our feet on the floor until we were out of reach of his gnarled, ugly hand which always seemed to be reaching out at us – even as we huddled together on the bed. You see, the only real safe place was deep, down, under the covers.

Sometimes, we were really brave and one of us would run and turn on the light because we couldn’t stand being in the dark with him any longer.

The Ur haunted our dreams, as well as our nights, and once, during the day, he even rang us up!

I’m not exactly sure what has become of him – he went away years ago. We must have left him behind when we moved house. He might still be there, under the bed, bothering the children who live there now.

Or maybe, he is just lonely.

By Year 11 Sarah

Prompt: Daily Post Daily Prompt, Word: imaginary, brave

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